Nowy Targ Car Park

You will find us in the heart of Wrocław – under the Nowy Targ Square. We designed the park in such a way as to ensure that drivers have it always on their way. 24-h security services, advanced camera system. Three underground storeys. 334 parking lots. Places for the handicapped.

Forget switchbacks and complicated facility structure. Here, one glance is enough for you to localize your car.
We have also seen to footpaths and modern signing and marking, which facilitate moving around the car park. Each staircase is fitted with a lift.
And, most importantly, automatic cash desks allow for quick and effective customer service.


Number of parking lots: 334
Number of storeys: 3 (underground)
Cubage: 25 854,40 m3
Total area: 10 827,00 m2
Floor space: 9 285,00 m2
Amount of concrete used: 6 440 m3
Amount of steel used: 1 020 t